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KidZania is a privately held international chain of indoor family entertainment centers currently operating in 29 locations worldwide, allowing children to role play adult jobs and earn currency. KidZania has received more than 68 million visitors since its opening, making it one of the fastest growing global edutainment brands in the world.


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Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Great concept and needs a lot of money spending on it. New CEO isn’t good and never on-site. I work in retail and was good until the head of retail was let go! Cons: Long hours, minimum pay."

Artistic Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Basically working for kidzania you are employed to work long unsociable hours for a stupidly low wage. If you are employed on a full time flex permanent contract then you basically sign your life away when agreeing to the position. You are expected to work long hours most days of the week and then expected to work extra events outside of the opening hours. The Rota is always late and always wrong. Holidays and availability are rarely honoured and then you are responsible for finding cover for your shifts. There are certain benefits which come in the form of a staff perks app which is basically discounts in various stores. Aside from not being listened to by management or any feedback being taken into account most staff leave within their first year working for the company as they purely get too tired of the hours, work being out in and feeling less than appreciated within their role. Cons: Long unsociable hours and being totally unappreciated"

Prefer not to say (Former Employee) says

"Kidzania London is yet another company that is suffering due to poor budgeting and management. When working for kidzania london you will be subject to long hours in poor working conditions (No natural light, no fresh air) and your pay is poor for the work you are doing. Even if you go above and beyond in this workplace you will still not be valued regardless and management are just on a giant power trip and get paid too much to do so little. They probably have the highest employee turnover in the industry as workers do not stay very long because of how they are treated by management. Cons: Long hours, poor pay, poor working conditions, Disrespectful and unorganised management team"

Children's activity supervisor/workshop host (Former Employee) says

"do not reply work job ever Cons: not good"

zup (Current Employee) says

"Culture not healthy, long hours, people suffering stress, redundancies and firings constantly, people living in edge and don't know if they will have a job to go to."

Estblishments Zupervisor (Former Employee) says

"nope Cons: everything. long hours, dead pay, no respect, no loyalty, no cooperation, the activities are done badly and endanger the kids, just dont."

Animador (Former Employee) says

"Trabajo con el que se necesita mucha pasiencia y la paga es mala. Cons: mala administracion"

Admissions Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Where do I begin? Having worked there for so long I have seen so many changes in this place. Cons: Mismanagement from the top"

Senior Theater Animator (Current Employee) says

" Brief all Staffs before operation, check staffs Rota and prepare daily staffs schedule. Cons: 9 hrs"

Social Media Executive (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. It's a shark tank run by corporate dictators that are acting as directors. Management is the worst that I've ever had the displeasure of working with. Cons: Too many directors and managers, The HR were like the Gestapo. I've seen staff afraid of them when they've walked into a room."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management are terrible. its like working in a cage. not exciting, draining. management treat you like kids. gets boring easily."

Establishments Zupervisor/Actor (Former Employee) says

"Fun place to work, however the management are very appalling. Unable to fulfil contracted hours and keep extending probationary period. Some co-workers were great, however majority of them were very immature. The company tend to hire many school leavers and uni students who don't have an understanding how to behave in a working environment. The hardest part of the job was the break system. You'd get two split breaks, one break which is for 40 minutes and the other break which is for 20 minutes. At the end of your shift you're expected to get your timesheet signed by management (hours that you've worked on the day). So you'd sometimes be waiting around for 15 to 20 minutes to just get your timesheet signed (including a debriefing meeting). The most enjoyable part of the job was interacting with the visitors and seeing their faces light up with smiles and amazement. Cons: Break system"

monitora (Former Employee) says

"a empresa nao devia com osdeveres pois era otimo ter o contato com crianca verem eles felizer no dia a dia Cons: sim, timo vr"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I will not recommend to work here. It is not the best place to work, the salaries are not the best and there are no many changes to improve salaries or growths opportunities."

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"I have witnessed repeated failure to rosta the right Team numbers for any given part of the season. More of us when less needed and way too few when its busy. This means there is no way to really keep on top of work but with unmatched high expectations. When lack of correct man power is recognised, help is allways insignificant and of no real aid at all. Of recent more duties have been laid upon us as a cost saving measure, which is one of many cuts that just don't seem to be stopping. Recruitment proccess seems suspiciously rigged or unprofessional in experienced selection with many new staff uncommitted from the start of work, which I can't blame them for since introductory training seems vague at best leaving seniors having to conjure up there own blended up guidance. Cons: You will wither eventually unless you're a super Champion?"

Ex-colaborador (Former Employee) says

"Falamos em Kidzania e vem-nos logo o quê na nossa mente? Uma empresa espectacular,das melhores para podermos trabalhar pela dinâmica que transparece. ERRADO!! O único factor positivo é o contacto com o público-alvo: as crianças. De resto,não consigo apontar nenhum outro aspecto positivo a esta empresa. A pior de sempre, a pior que já trabalhei, a pior a todos os níveis. Somos animadores, monitores, robos, e ainda, empregados de limpeza do estabelecimento que nos é atribuído no inicio do dia. Nunca saímos à hora estipulada, primeiro trabalhamos e depois é que recebemos o contrato (ok, é uma empresa de trabalho temporário, mas isto é inadmissível), os domingos não são pagos nem a 100% nem a 50 %, ou seja, é como um fia normal. Os feriados, a 50%. O salário mais que precário, as instalações para os colaboradores são as mais degradantes que já vi... enfim, triste!!! Cons: Vencimento precário (recebemos consoante as horas que fazemos, que nunca chegam a 8h diárias), cacifos num espaço minúsculo, na maioria estragados, um mini balneário para dezenas de trabalhadores, Nunca saimos à hora estipulada porque temos de limpar todo o nosso estabelecimento, com os produtos próprios, primeiro trabalhamos depois é que assinamos o contrato à semana (mas não recebemos a semana...), Trabalhamos domingos sem remuneração adequada ao que esse dia oferece noutros empregos;"

Süpervizör (Former Employee) says

"2014 yılında Akasya avm de açılan kidzania eğlence merkezi açılmadan görülen yoğun bi eğitimin ardından kesinlikle çok sert çalışma sistemi düşük maaş çalışan insanların yemek saatlerinin molalarının kısıtlanması başarısız bir yönetim"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"imagine teaching kids all day the same lessons in groups of 8 for 9 hours with a 45min break in total."

animador infantil (Former Employee) says

"Le falta que los gerentes o supervisores sea más accesibles Cons: Que no te dan mucho tiempo para comer"

Establishment Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The place feels like being in a casino. Not a single ray of natural light or fresh air comes to the inside of the building. Cons: Long hours, darkness"

Former Employee - Guest Experience Host says

"I worked at KidZania part-time Cons: They treat us badly, you repeat everything to rude customers 800 times a day"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at KidZania part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Management doesn't think about staff and welfare"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at KidZania full-time for more than a year Cons: * Clueless Boss * No SOP * Jumble up management * Internal shuffle within departments occurs so frequently, people are doing work blindly * Favouritism at best * Micro Management from the top * "We are a Family"..."

Former Employee - Part Time Crew says

"I worked at KidZania part-time for more than a year Cons: • Bad environment, any unqualified can be a manager • Superior to one race (although I’m of the same race) • Changes made to our management too often • Leads plays favouritism, ganging up on new comers are often (best to isolate yourself) • Toxic environment (everyone doesn’t help you to correct your mistake, waits for upper management to talk to you)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at KidZania full-time for more than 3 years Cons: A culture of bullying comes from the very top, the scene is set by one of the owners and nothing is done to dilute this on the way down due to the lack of characters and personalities within the terrified management team. People are seen as canon fodder, minions. Any form of equality is ignored as is care for mental health and health & safety. Dirty water in fountain and fire hoses, un-serviced lifts, mice everywhere. If only the parent's knew the truth. The fantastic tried and tested Kidzania concept is ignored in a desperate attempt to try and make London viable. It is failing."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"I worked at KidZania part-time for less than a year Cons: Immature management, unable to communicate effectively, target specific people, favouritism, unfairness, lack of opportunities"

Former Employee - Zupervisor says

"I worked at KidZania full-time Cons: Terrible management, they have no people skills and are rude Disorganised Terrible pay"

Former Employee - Establishment Zupervisor says

"I worked at KidZania full-time for less than a year Cons: -Management sucks, they don't know what problems workers have to face on daily basis and just make decisions from the top. -HR department are lazy and unreliable, they will mark you as absent even if you've done everything needed for days off. -Always listen to whiny clients first, but not the workers. -Careful with any promise of bonus or incentives, they could change the details that exclude you anytime. And they wouls only let you know it after discovering that you haven't got one. -They are selective when it comes to who get the allowed days off. -Say goodbye to your social life, 5-6 workdays a week. When it comes to your days off, it's a week day where you can't meet up with friends and you would be too tired to go out anyway."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at KidZania part-time Cons: No bonus - did not inform until the very last minute, employees were all waiting for the announcement but there isn't any. Bad management - any tom harry could be a supervisor/ lead at Kidzania SG Biasness of Management/ team leads/ supervisor The superiority of a certain race Political Bad food provided for lunch"

Former Employee - Activity Supervisor says

"I worked at KidZania part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Quite easily the worst job I have ever had. No matter how many times I applied for higher positions, I was held back at every opportunity, even with my previous managerial experience I watched younger people around me progress within the company with little or no experience. Mismanaged from the top down. Cost cutting galore, even with security - no training to the departments and staff who actually needed given to incorrect departments as for 'show' on social media that they were training us."

GS says

"Today my little one was invited at a birthday party at KidZania - London. The host kindly offered to take my little one without me needing to join (more on this later), but my little one told me that she would like me to be around in case she needed mummy since she didn't know the other kids at the party. And indeed one hour into the party I got called because my little one was a bit upset and needed some mummy's comfort. I was at a nearby cafe and I rushed to KidZania, where a very rude bouncer told me I was not allowed through for "security reasons" because I didn't have a band. I told him that my little one was at a birthday party inside and needed some comfort, and after two-three minutes of very uncomfortable questioning about who I was and where I wanted to go I was finally let through the main entrance. I then navigated two floors up to the "check in" area where again I was denied entry for "security reasons" which will soon be very clear. I called the host and she brought my little one to the check in area where she expressed the desire to have me at the party since she was feeling lost. At this point it should have been quite clear to everyone that I had a legitimate reason to be in and I legitimately was parent of a child within the play area. Thus there should be no "security reasons" preventing me from going in. Nonetheless I was not allowed in and my little one was forced to go back in. I was told I needed to purchase a ticket for myself for £10 before I could be be allowed in. Thus it was not a matter of security but simply a matter of making a bit of money over a distressed child. It took me further 5 minutes, going back one floor down, to get a ticket and finally be reunited with my crying baby who was missing her mummy. If they can't understand the need for a child to be comforted when in distress this company has clearly no interest at all in the well being of the children they host, they are simply in the business of exploiting kids to make as much money as possible.

If you can make sure do not host your parties there, as every person I interacted with during this event clearly showed that there is no interest towards the kids or the parents, but just about getting money out of your pocket. My husband was waiting outside in the meanwhile and discussed a bit more with one of the check in people which was quite mean to him. After that he got approached by another dad telling him that he had to wait outside during his little ones birthday because they only allow one adult in, all the others have to pay. So unless you pay further extra, one of the parents will miss their child birthday. I'll make sure to let all my school know this interesting policy before they decide to hold their children party there."